Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development — Everything you need to know

In the wake of Cryptocurrency, Most countries are legalizing Cryptocurrency and making that their business gets lucrative profits. Many Entrepreneurs get ready to invest their hard-earned money in the crypto-related business. There are numerous reliable Crypto-related businesses are available in the cryptocurrency realm which helps every entrepreneur and startup to grow up their business to a top-notch level.

In this article, we will see about one of the best and highly reliable businesses is Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. But some of the entrepreneurs get a little hesitant about starting their business in the Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. If you are a business owner having the same hesitation, read this article and if you understand the concepts of Crypto Payment Gateway and how it works, you will definitely start your own Crypto payment gateway business.

Let’s jump into the overview of Crypto Payment Gateway.,

Overview of Crypto payment gateway:

Most businesses utilize the Cryptocurrency payment gateway because it facilitates reliable, faster, smoother, and effective payment transactions that remain at top precedence.

Why Do Business People choose Cryptocurrencies as payments?

Crypto users are drastically improving day by day. Numerous countries are authorized Cryptocurrency and drafting the regulatory framework for the use of digitalized currencies. There are multifarious benefits to the crypto payment gateway. Some of them are,

  1. This Crypto Payment Gateway is completely safe and secure for the user while transaction mode
  2. This is an entirely new payment option who pick and prefer the Cryptocurrencies
  3. Crypto payment gateway is securable and has full privacy for your transactions
  4. Need not worry about hijacking, spam, and fraudulent.
  5. The Transaction fees of the Cryptocurrency payment gateway is quite low when compared to debit and credit cards
  6. The speed of the Crypto payment is really faster related to debit/credit cards.

How does a Cryptocurrency payment gateway work?

Simply, we can classifieds into two different ways that determine the process of the Crypto payment gateway.

  1. User pays in the crypto wallet rather than debit/credit card
  2. User pays in Cryptocurrency, not in physical addresses

Let’s look at the top Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway platform in 2021:

  1. Bitpay
  2. Coinpayments
  3. Coingate
  4. ALFA Coins
  5. Coinbase Commerce


Bitpay is one of the blockchain-powered Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway platforms founded in 2011. Bitpay is a US-based Cryptocurrency Payment processing platform. This app indicated the additional layer of security such as Two-factor authentication for reliable transactions. This app can be accessed very easily just by tapping your finger and working on different platforms such as iOS and Android.

Characteristics of Bitpay:

  1. Open-source plugins
  2. Allow bank Deposits for certain countries
  3. Multi-Language Support
  4. Cooperative with all Crypto Wallets
  5. Two-factor authentication


Coinpayments is the trustworthy Crypto payment Gateway platform that was launched in 2013. Using this platform you can deal with 1000+ Cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and other familiarized currencies.

Characteristics of Coinpayments:

  1. Fiat Settlement
  2. Pay by name tag
  3. Payment Forwarding
  4. Gift cards and coupons
  5. Transaction History


Coingate is the Crypto-friendly Payment Processor mobile application to monitor every transaction in your hand. This platform supports 40+ cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoins. It supports Quicker transactions of Bitcoin — USD or EUROS. This platform assists different business requirements such as API, E-commerce, and other payment requirement businesses.

Features of Coingate:

  1. Payment processor in different devices such as., Android, iOS, and windows
  2. Effective Plugins for E-commerce sites
  3. Multi-user facilitates
  4. Shapeshift integration

ALFA Coins:

ALFA Coins also the best and reliable Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway platform which supports all the cryptocurrencies such as, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, steller, and other popular Cryptocurrencies. ALFA Coins have unique features that are the Bitsend system. This advanced feature assists you in the payment of salaries and bonuses for employees, vendors, customers, and payouts for clients.

Features of ALFA Coins:

  1. Support multi cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, etc.,
  2. ALFA coins API allows you to the faster transaction and easier payments
  3. Earn money through additional services

Coinbase Commerce:

We all know Coinbase is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies which were launched in 2012. These coinbase acts as both exchange and payment gateways. This Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is used to accept Cryptocurrency payment and it is a vendor-type application.

Features of Coinbase Commerce:

  1. No Transaction fees for crypto payments
  2. API implementation
  3. Request a Payment via Email invoice
  4. Two-factor authentication Integration
  5. Quicker trading and transaction

Final Thought:

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